Scientific software Research for User experience, Design, Engagement, and Learning


The Scientific sofTware Research for User experience, Design, Engagement, and Learning project (STRUDEL) will develop a typology and design system for scientific software towards improving the usability and user interfaces.

Major activities will include:

  • User research that will study artifacts including software, user interfaces, and published literature and conduct interviews with select project team members

  • Analysis of the qualitative data to identify the characteristics of scientific software ecosystems

  • Developing a typology using identified characteristics and map existing software and projects onto the typology

  • Developing user interface (UI) flows that capture the user interaction with scientific workflows and software stacks

  • Developing a design system that includes workflows, layouts, and components

By mapping project characteristics to typology categories, we will identify common patterns and construct abstract workflows that will be represented as UI flows (how a user progresses through a UI) in our design system.


Lavanya Ramakrishnan (PI)

Sarah Poon

Rajshree Deshmukh

Dan Gunter